Desio attitude lenses one day color lenses rebel grey

195.00 EGP

  • Desio attitude lenses give a natural gray color to your eyes.
  • Cool in dressing because it’s made of high-quality ore.
  • Don’t cause eye dehydration because it’s breathable.
  • Made by: Desio.
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Desio attitude lenses are your best choice if you want to wear gray lenses, they’re give your eyes a normal, beautiful and special gray color. Don’t cause any eye harm, becouse It’s made of high-quality material that’s comfortable wearing even for long periods of time. It has a dual design, where the outer ring is dark gray and the inner ring opens. Learn more about Desio attitude lenses price in Egypt, and desio rebel grey benefits.

 Desio attitude lenses price in Egypt 2024

At El Webkala, desio rebel grey is available for purchase for just 195 EGP per package.

 Desio Attitude Lenses One Day Color Lenses Rebel Grey
Desio attitude lenses price in Egypt 2023

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Desio rebel grey benefits

  • Desio Ribble Grey’s lens gives a natural gray color to the eye as if it were natural color, not adhesive lens, because it’s bicolor.
  • People suffering from astigmatism can use Desio attitude lenses.
  • Cool in dressing, because it’s made of high-quality ore so the eye doesn’t get tired when it’s worn for too long.
  • Don’t cause eye dehydration, because it’s been considered to be breathable.
  • The range of lens power between -13.00 and +6.00, so that people with a wide range of vision needs can use it.

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 Desio attitude lenses contents

  • 38% Polymacone: This is the basic material for lenses.
  • Hyma: helps to keep the lens moisturizing.
  • Painting.
  • Preservatives: used to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

How to wear contact lens

  • Wash your hands carefully with soap and water before you catch the lens.
  • Fill the contact lens box with the new contact lens solution.
  • Remove lenses from her can, tilt your head back and look up.
  • Pull your lower eyelids softly with your free hand, and put lenses on your eye.

Desio rebel grey side effect

If lenses are not properly cleaned and stored, they can cause infection or eye infection.

Desio attitude lenses usage instructions

  • Wash your hands well with water and soap before touching contact lenses.
  • Use contact lens solution every time you put the lenses in or out.
  • Never sleep in contact lenses.
  • Replace contact lenses every three months.
  • If you encounter any inconvenience or irritation, remove the lens immediately and consult the ophthalmologist.
  • Don’t use tap water to clean or store contact lenses.
  • Don’t share contact lenses with anyone else.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses if you have eye infection.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, consult the ophthalmologist.
  • keep away from children.

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