Spanish fly gum libido booster for female – 10 pieces

75.00 EGP

  • Spanish fly gum increases sexual desire in women.
  • Improves libido and arousal in women by stimulates blood circulation to sensitive areas.
  • Helps treat the lack of feeling during intercourse.
  • The package contents: 10 pieces.
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Spanish fly gum increases the sexual desire of women and helps to treat the low sex drive most women have. Made of an advanced formula that consists of 100% natural herbal extracts, it increases sexual energy and sexual desire in women. It also helps blood flow to the genitals of women to get a better feeling and to remove fatigue and stress. It also provides you with activity and vitality very quickly. Read more about Spanish fly gum uses & price below.

Spanish fly gum price in Egypt 2024

Spanish fly chewing gum is available at Elwebkala at a discounted price per package 75 EGP .

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Spanish Fly Gum Libido Booster For Female - 10 Pieces
Spanish fly gum price in Egypt 2023

Spanish fly uses & features

  • original Spanish fly chewing gum increase sexual desire in women effectively.
  • Improves sex drive and stimulates the sexual process.
  • Stimulate blood circulation to the sensitive area in women.
  • Helps treat the lack of desire for sex and increase sexual arousal.
  • Eliminate sexual frigidity and increase vaginal secretions.
  • Helps treat the lack of feeling during intercourse.
  • Spanish fly gum sexuality arousing achieves multiple orgasms.

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Spanish fly chewing gum ingredients

Spanish fly arousal chewing gum includes:

  • Ginseng.
  • Spanish Fly.
  • Papua.
  • Ginseng seed extract.
  • Chinese ginkgo.
  • Natural herbal extract.

How to use Spanish fly gums for women

  • Take 2 to 3 pieces of arousal chewing gum.
  • Chew for half an hour before sexual intercourse.

Spanish fly side effects

There has been some speculation around sexuality arousing chewing gum, however, there was no report so far that include side effects.

Instructions before using spanish fly chewing gum

  • Spanish fly gum can’t be used under the age of 18.
  • arousal chewing gum isn’t suitable for use by pregnant women.
  • Not recommended to use by people who suffer from serious diseases.
  • Consult your doctor before use it if you are allergic to any of the ingredient’s product.
  • keep out from children.
  • Keep in cool dry area.

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