Uriage power 3 deodorant 2 x 50ml for perspiration and combats odors

825.00 EGP

  • Uriage power 3 deodorant is working as an antidote to sweat up to 24 hours.
  • Gives skin a sense of resuscitation and rest all day.
  • Fights the stench of the body and fits for sensitive skin.
  • Package size: 50 ml.
  • Made by: Uriage.
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Uriage power 3 deodorant works efficiently against perspiration and odors all day. The anti-bacterial and anti-enzyme combination successfully combats smells. Sensitive underarms are calmed with Uriage Thermal Water and calming ingredients. It prevents white, yellow stains and the cardboard impression under clothing for 24 hours and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. Learn more aboutUriage power 3 deodorant price in Egypt, and uriage deodorant benefits.

Uriage power 3 deodorant price in Egypt 2024

At El Webkala, uriage deodorant is available for purchase for just 825 EGP per package.

Uriage Power 3 Deodorant 2 X 50Ml For Perspiration And Combats Odors
Uriage power 3 deodorant price in Egypt 2023

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Uriage deodorant benefits

  • Use for odor control, sweat decrease, and skin calming.
  • Uriage power 3 deodorant delivers a fresh, clean sensation for 24 hours.Control body odor by inhibiting
  • The proliferation of odor-causing microorganisms on the skin.
  • Lighten and soften the armpits because it contains moisturizing elements.
  • Provide long-lasting protection against both sweat and odor.
  • Be gentle and non-irritating, limiting the risk of skin irritation.
  • Help you stay dry even during physical activities or stressful conditions.
  • This deodorant successfully works on all-day sweat and fights smells.
  • Prevents white and yellow stains and cartoon effect under garments.
  • Uriage power 3 deodorant gives skin a sense of resuscitation and rest all day.
  • It’s cleaning up the irritation in the armpit area.
  • It has a nice touch on the skin, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Fit for people with perfume allergies.

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Uriage power 3 deodorant ingredients

  • Water.
  • Aluminium chloride.
  • Glycol Botelin.
  • Bi-methicone.
  • Strith-2.
  • Triethyl jackets.
  • Stirth 21.
  • Propanediole.
  • Perfume.
  • Multiple-6 Krusepolimer acrylate.
  • Sodium tetradidate.
  • Pisabolol.
  • Ethyl hexyl glycerine.
  • Ramnos sugar.
  • Tributyl alcohol.
  • Glucose.
  • Gluconic acid.

How to use Uriage power 3 deodorant

  • Put a thin layer of anti-race on the clean and dry armpit.
  • Leave the blue urage deodorant to dry before you get dressed.
  • The urage deodorant is reused after exercise or bathing.

Uriage deodorant side effect

Uriage power deodorant is safe, if you follow all instructions and don’t have any allergic.

Uriage power 3 deodorant review

One customer reviewed “I didn’t expect that it would be of this quality and magnificence. It impressed me very much. I will use it. It is moist like a cream and soft on the skin. It does not cause irritation or sensitivity because my skin is sensitive.”

Uriage power 3 deodorant usage instructions

  • Kept out of reach for children.
  • Stored away from high temperature.
  • It’s only used externally.
  • Not to be used on injured or irritated skin.

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