VIP caviar code honey for erectile dysfunction treatment – 10 packets

230.00 EGP

  • VIP caviar code honey helps increase desire in men.
  • Enhances sexual performance and gives you self-confidence in sexual relations.
  • Use for delayed ejaculation treatment and impotency.
  • Helps boost testosterone levels to increase body energy.
  • Works to strengthen the reproductive system.
  • Package content: 10 packets.
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VIP caviar code honey is the best solution to increase sexual desire and improve your sex life and enables the person to enjoy the better sexual performance without feeling tired, each bag contains natural sources that increase the strength of the sexual relationship. It contains malaysian royal honey and the renowned tongkat root, vital honey is a natural treatment for improving male performance.

VIP caviar code honey benefits

  • Helps increase libido and is used for delayed ejaculation treatment.
  • Increase in testosterone production, increased sexual wellness, and better performance in the bedroom.
  • Treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction leading to harder and firmer penile erections.
  • Vip Caviar code honey for men helps enhance male sexual potency.
  • Increase the long-term size of the male sexual organ.
  • Improved blood circulation around the penis leading to optimal erections.
  • Increase male sexual urges and energy levels beneficial to your sexual performance and health.
  • Improves your mood by reducing stress, fatigue, and irritability, which reduces the quality of sex.
  • Enhances the ability to maintain erections as needed.
  • Allows delaying orgasm for men and gives great sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Help treat prostatitis and enhance sexual function.
Vip Caviar Code Honey For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
VIP caviar code honey for erectile dysfunction treatment

VIP caviar code honey price in Egypt 2024

At ELwebkala, Caviar code honey sachets are available for purchase for just 230 EGP per package.

Caviar code honey ingredients

VIP caviar code honey is a mixture of mountain honey, royal jelly, caviar and tonic root. It is a natural source without adding chemicals, and rich in proteins and essential vitamins.

How to use caviar code honey

  • Caviar honey can be enjoyed every day or once every two days after meals, or after dinner.
  • Add it to a cup of water or mix it with a juice.
  • Wait for 20 to 30 minutes to notice affect.
  • The effects of each sachet of caviar honey last for about 48 hours.

Caviar code honey side effects

Best ed treatment doesn’t cause side effects when using caviar code honey or allergies because it contains natural substances that are beneficial to health.

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VIP caviar code honey instructions before use

  • It’s not recommended to mix it with other power honey products.
  • Don’t use caviar honey if the person suffers from chronic hypertension or kidney failure.
  • Consult your doctor if you’re under medical supervision.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place to prevent spoilage and ineffectiveness.

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