Now foods grapeseed Oil for hair and skin – 118 ml

  • Now foods grapeseed oil for hair growth and skin hydration.
  • Gets rid of acnes, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil.
  • Rich, silky texture is perfect for soothing away dryness.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Package size: 118 ml.
  • Produced by: Now foods.

Now foods grapeseed oil is an odourless, light oil with moderate moisturising properties and a variety of healthy fatty acids, such as linoleic, oleic, stearic, palmitic, myristic, and lauric acids. All skin types may use it because it doesn’t clog pores or lead to breakouts and has a thick, velvety texture that is excellent for easing away dryness.

Now grapeseed oil benefits

  • Penetrates deep into your skin to clean out the clogged pores.
  • Promote good skin health, relieve dryness, and soothe skin inflammation.
  • Improve localised blood flow and shed damaged skin cells, all of which help the skin’s healing process.
  • Remove the impurities from your skin and keeps it looking clean and clear.
  • Features a combination of nutritional compounds which helps your skin gain a youthful-looking, healthy complexion.
  • Gets rid of acnes, fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a youthful glow.
  • Prevent or reduce water loss through the outer layer of the skin.
  • Stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the scalp.
  • Reduces irritation of inflamed areas and soothes eczema-affected skin.
  • Protects hair from breakage, especially at the ends.
  • Clear up the blockage in the follicles and result in the growth of hair.
  • Help enhance healthy hair and maintain hair hydration.
Now Foods Grapeseed Oil For Hair And Skin
Now foods grapeseed Oil for hair and skin

Now foods grapeseed oil price in Egypt 2024

At Elwebkala, now solutions grapeseed oil price is available for purchase for just EGP per packet.

Now solurions grapeseed oil ingredients

Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil.

Now Foods Grapeseed Oil Ingredients
Now foods grapeseed Oil ingredients

How to use grapeseed oil on face and hair

  • Best grapeseed oil for skin, apply a few drops of 100% pure grapeseed oil to the desired area and gently massage.
  • Best grapeseed oil for hair, place a couple drops into palm of your hand and work into hair strands.

Grapeseed oil side effects

Grapeseed oil for dry skin and hair is safe and doesn’t cause side effects or harm your skin or hair if you follow the specific instructions.

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Grapeseed oil treatment instructions usage

  • Do not ingest now foods grapeseed oil.
  • Consult your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Consult your doctor if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Keep away from sensitive areas.
  • If you have any skin condition, do not use it without consulting your doctor.
  • Consult your doctor if any allergic reactions occur.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place.
  • keep away from the reach of the children.

NOW Solutions grapeseed oil review

One customer reviewed” It’s such an amazing, multifunctional oil! I use it as a face moisturizer, and it works wonders for my sensitive skin. I also use it as part of my hair mask (I’ll leave the recipe in the photos), and it makes my hair grow so quickly! I LOVE IT! ”

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