Tynor knee support hinged brace knee immobilizer and knee orthosis (Neoprene)

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  • Boost blood flows to the knee joint.
  • Maintain the knee health and aid in the recovery process.
  • Relieve pain caused due to sprains.
  • Tynor knee support hinged treat arthritis.
  • Color: Gray.
  • Produced by: Tynor.


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What is Tynor knee support brace?

Tynor knee support hinged brace maintains stability, protects knee from slipping, immobilizes your knee, and reduces knee pain. Tynor functional knee support is made of neoprene fabric which known of its flexibility, and durability to stabilize your knee and help you move easily. Read on to learn more about tynor functional knee support uses, tynor knee brace price, and more.

Tynor knee brace uses

  • Improve blood circulation in knee joint.
  • Keep your knee healthy and help with rehabilitation after knee injuries and surgeries.
  • Reduce pain caused due to sprains and help you feel more comfortable.
  • Relieve arthritis pain.
  • Help treat ligament injuries and reduce Osteoarthritis symptoms.
  • Provide quadruple pressure in all directions on the knee joint, and keep your knees warm.
  • Support cruciate ligament and reduce pressure on it.
  • Keep your kneecap strong, healthy, and stable.

Tynor knee brace price 2024 in Egypt

At Elwebkala, Tynor knee support hinged price is available for purchase for just 975 EGP per packet.

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Tynor Knee Support Hinged Price
Tynor knee brace price

Tynor knee support sizes

Measure thigh circumference 6 inches (15 cm) above the kneecap area, then choose the most suitable size for you from the following sizes.

Tynor Knee Support Hinged Sizes
Tynor knee support sizes

How to wear a knee brace

  • Loosen the corset straps and keep the wide part on top.
  • Place the patellar hole above the kneecap.
  • Bend your knee to match the flexion movement of your knee with the flexion movement of the knee corset.
  • Place the hinge fulcrum on the center of your knee.
  • Tighten the hinge straps to provide a comfortable gentle pressure.
  • Fasten the upper straps one by one.
  • Don’t wear elastic knee support tynor while sleeping without consulting your doctor.

Tynor knee brace side effects

Tynor knee support hinged may cause some common side effects if used without proper instructions. However, you may experience the following:

  • Discomfort.
  • Severe pain.
  • Irritation.
  • Swelling.
  • Joint stiffness.

Instructions before using knee support hinged neoprene

  • Must consult a doctor before using.
  • Ensure that the knee size matches your size.
  • Consult your doctor if any adverse reactions happen.
  •  It might not be suitable for you if you suffer from osteoarthritis.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place.

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