Green tea capsules 315 mg puritan’s pride for weight loss and appetite suppression 100 capsules

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  • Green tea capsules support healthy weight loss.
  • Controls appetite and safely burns fat.
  • Aids in body digestive improvement.
  • Authorized by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
  • Package contents: 100 capsules.
  • Produced by: Puritan’s Pride.
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Green tea extract is used to create green tea capsules, a dietary supplement that is widely known for promoting blood circulation while also helping in fat and weight loss. This is due to the fact that it includes a sizable number of flavonoids, phytochemicals that function as natural antioxidants and completely shield the body.

Read about the benefits of green tea for weight loss and more.

Green tea capsules 315 mg price in Egypt 2024

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Green tea capsules benefits

  • Green tea capsules can be consumed whole, or the contents can be removed and prepared as regular tea.
  • One of the most beneficial plant extracts available today, green tea capsules have many advantages that have been scientifically verified.
  • It works to combat the risky elements that might lead to heart disease and other illnesses and has only positive effects on health.
  • Maintains cardiovascular health by assisting the body in eliminating triglycerides and cholesterol that restrict the arteries.
  • Decreases the frequency of heart attacks, excessive blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and strokes.
  • Reduces by 31% these risk factors, which are among the leading causes of death globally.
  • Keeps the brain in good shape, which helps prevent dementia and memory loss.
  • Fights Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and nerve disorders.
Green Tea Capsules For Weight Loss
Green tea capsules for weight loss

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Green tea extract ingredients

  • Green tea extract 630 mg.
  • Polyphenols 15% = 95 mg.
  • dicalcium phosphate.
  • Gelatin.
  • Maltodextrin.
  • Less than 2% silica.
  • Vegetable magnesium stearate.

    Green Tea Capsules Ingredients
    Green tea capsules ingredients

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How to use green tea pills for weight loss

  • Every day, take two green tea capsules.
  • The pills should ideally be taken with food.
  • Green tea capsules for weight loss can be opened and made into a hot tea beverage.

Green tea weight loss pills side effects

Imported green tea tablets do not cause harm or result in annoying side effects, because they are made of completely natural materials

Green tea extract usage instructions

  • Don’t exceed the recommended dose.
  • Avoid using it if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • Keep it away from children in a cold and dry place.
  • Not suitable for those who are under 18 years.
  • Avoid using it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Don’t use it if you have a medical history of (heart, blood pressure, or diabetes) diseases.

    Green Tea Capsules
    Green tea capsules

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